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Please Let 2.6 Be The Last MODX Revolution 2.x Version

Posted: 01.11.2017 19:39

Below is a list of the release dates for each (major) version of MODX Revolution since Revolution came out of beta, including the number of days since the previous version.

  • 2.0.0: 21 July 2010
  • 2.1.0: 24 May 2011 (307 days)
  • 2.2.0: 4 Janunary 2012 (225 days)
  • 2.3.0: 15. July 2014 (923 days)
  • 2.4.0: 19 August 2015 (399 days)
  • 2.5.0: 21 April 2016 (247 days)
  • 2.6.0: 1 November 2017 (559 days)

For the past seven years, we have seen a total of six releases of MODX Revolution. 2.3 took an exceptionally long, and 2.6 is starting to drag on too. Other than 2.3 we have seen a major release once a year, given that we stick to the plan and release 2.6 before 2018.

Edit: After I published this, 2.6 was released, 559 days after 2.5.

Planning The Future of MODX

The posts Keeping MODX Relevant by Jason Coward, that I have written about before, was posted in February of 2015. These posts talked about MODX Revolution needing an overhaul to stay relevant in the future. Years have passed and we have yet to see any of these things incorporated into the MODX Revolution codebase. At the same time, the 2.x versions have grown into a stable and well-working machinery. This has been achieved by various sacrifices and postponed plans. The sacrifices and postponed plans have, in turn, led to MODX Revolution having a lot of technical debt that we are unable to get rid of because of the backward compatibility.

Shifting Focus

I think that instead of planning for a 2.7 release, we should shift our focus and work towards 3.0 instead. According to the list above, each major release takes about a year to finish. We simply do not have the time to invest more time in the 2.x versions right now. 3.0 needs to happen, and it needs to happen soon. The posts by Jason Coward addresses concerns about MODX Revolution, and these concerns are even more relevant today than it was in 2015. 3.0 is most likely going to take a while to put together, and we need to start work on it as soon as possible.

There is no real plan for what is going to happen after 2.6 is released, as far as I know. I am just voicing my opinion and hope that the community (as well as the MAB), can get together then plan what we are going to do next.

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