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Help MODX! Take care of some issues at GitHub

Posted: 05.11.2015 12:15

After the migration from Redmine to Github, all the issues were transferred. The difference between Redmine and Github is that Redmine offers a lot more filters and custom searches. Because of this, Github ended up being a total mess with over 1600 open tickets assignet to Modx Revo. Many of which was over 2-3 years old.

Some fellow Modxers from irc and I decided to start clean up the mess. If we could close off incorrect issues, issues which lacked information, duplicates, outdated stuff etc, we could make issues useful again.

I urge you all to contribute to this movement! All you need is a Github-account. Head over to modxcms/revolution/issues and comment/share your thoughts!

Stuff to look for

  • Outdated tickets - Some tickets are many years old and refers to stuff that is no longer valid. Incorrect tickets - Same as above
  • Tickets which lacks information - "It does not work". Well, it works here, what is wrong? Without further information, nothing can be done.
  • Tickets dealing with Extras - Should not be a ticket in the Modx Core. Link to the correct repo.
  • Tickets where the issue is user/server error - If something is not correctly configurated, it will not work. That is not Modx's fault
  • Suggestions that you disagree with - There are many good ideas for new functionality, but not everything deserves to be a part of the Modx core.
  • Duplicates - Many issues deals with the same problem. Tag duplicates with #[github-issue-id] to reference it.

How to share your thought

You do not have permission to close tickets, so you should comment on the ticket. Describe why you want the ticket to be closed. If some error is reported, test it, and if it works, report that the issue is fixed and everything now works like it should. Also include what version you tested with.

If you agree with the ticket, suggest making it a part of the 2.3 roadmap.


You should grab a fresh version of 2.3 from Github (from the development branch). This is the latest version and in most cases is the build you should be testing/validating against.

Share the news and lets work together on this! We are down to 1.4k issues at Github at this moment. With some community help, we can get rid of a lot more issues that should have been removed and dealt with a looooong time ago.